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A view of the ocean from above.

Paradise Properties Puerto Rico is your Gateway to the Caribbean

Caribbean properties offer the best of everything: a warm climate, natural beauty, delicious food, and a relaxed lifestyle. With its comfortable and welcoming environment, many people find themselves longing to visit and even live in Puerto Rico. Paradise Properties Puerto Rico is committed to helping those who love the Caribbean lifestyle enjoy all it has to offer whether it’s through a rental, timeshare, or outright ownership.

Things to Do in Puerto Rico

There are so many local activities to do across this beautiful and diverse island. The history of Puerto Rico provides many interesting touring opportunities. Warm, clear ocean waters provide exciting water adventures. Also, exploring the land and people will tease your senses with beautiful views and delicious food.

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Present Properties

Condominio Isleta Marina Fajardo, Puerto Rico - Private Island

A view of the ocean from above.

Tower 1 - Units 4M & 9M

Redefining luxury living at the heart of the Caribbean.

And, the views are to die for.

Wake Up to a Caribbean Sunrise Every Day

All the bedrooms in the property are spacious and airy with panoramic glass windows that span from wall to wall, measuring an impressive 11 feet wide. Imagine waking up to views of the reef and scenic Palomino Island. You can even spot Culebra Island and St. Thomas on the horizon. Because of its enviable location, breathtaking sunrises are yours to enjoy from the comfort of all bedrooms.


Enjoy Enchanting Views of Puerto Rico From the Living Room

At Paradise Properties, we don’t do ordinary. Even the living rooms in our units offer enchanting views of the eastern and northeastern coastline of Puerto Rico. Relax with a beverage and gaze at the beautiful reef only feet away and, El Conquistador Resort, Icacos chain of island, and Palomino Island. For the full experience, open the eight-foot-wide glass doors, sit at the Lani table and have the Caribbean air caress you.

Let the Marina Beckon You from the Dining Area

Enjoying meals from your condo’s dining area is an otherworldly and incomparable experience. With its own lanai and glass doors, you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the marina, Puerto Rico’s winding Southeast coast, and the pristine Vieques Island on the horizon.


Paradise Properties: Your Partner for Caribbean Properties in Puerto Rico

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